In House Services

Rewinding, Reconditioning, Redesign and Repair Services

    AC/DC Electric Motor Rewinding, Reconditioning, Redesign and Repairs
  • All sizes and HP, 115-4160 Volts AC, 115-600 Volts DC
  • Rebuildixng of AC and DC electric motors from small to 5000HP (5KV)
  • Brush Shifting Motors
  • Coil Rewinding
  • Washing, dipping in a solvent type insulating varnish, baking, and re-insulation of AC and DC 3-phase motors along with single phase electrical motors, transformers and equipment
  • Stators
  • Armatures Rewinding / wound rotors repairs
  • Bearings replacements and housing repairs
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • Vacuum Pressure Impregnation
  • Cleaning of all motor parts
    Generator Rewinding and Repair
  • Generator stator rewinding
  • Exciter stator and rotor rewinding
  • Washing, dipping in a solvent type insulating varnish and baking
  • Stators / Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (If requested)
  • Rebuilding up to 2 Megawatt Generators
  • Cleaning components
    Pumps and Pump Motor Repair
  • Vertical, Horizontal, Submersible, Conventional and Split Casing
  • Casing Repair and Re-machining works
  • Bearings replacements and housing repairs
  • Cleaning components

Electrical Testing of Motor Components and Equipment

  • Functional Test
  • Hi-pot Testing
  • Core Loss (Ring Flux) Testing
  • Megger Testing
  • Dynamic Rotor Balancing
  • Surge Testing/Surge Comparison Testing of 3-Phase Windings
  • Bar to Bar Check of Armatures
  • Testing of Die-Cast Induction Type Rotors for Open Bars
  • Milliohm Resistance Testing

Mechanical Repairs

  • Custom Machining and Grinding
  • Shaft and End Bell Machining
  • Sleeve and Babbitt Bearing Repairs
  • General Machine Shop Works
  • Internal Horizontal and Vertical Alignment
  • Welding Repairs


On Site Services


AAW provides installations and un-installation of motors and pumps including pick-up and delivery.


AAW also performs on-site inspection and testing of motors, pumps, generators, compressors, etc.

Preventive Maintenance

AAW performs level 1 and 2 preventive maintenance that include visual inspection; inspection of motor components conditions such as windings, brush and commutators, terminals, contacts, overload relays, motor wirings, power leads, cables and connections.

Predictive Maintenance

AAW provides static and dynamic testing of all motors. Static testing of motors is a full winding test that includes winding resistance test, meg-ohm test, polarization index (PI), di-electric absorption (DA), step-voltage test and surge test. Static data results help define the motor’s insulation integrity and aid technicians in predicting imminent failures before they become catastrophic. Dynamic testing of motor provides information on the power condition, rotor condition and load on the motor. It can also calculate speed and torque, define rotor bar problems and measure distortion.

Laser Alignment

On-site laser shaft alignment performs horizontal and vertical shaft alignment of motors to the driven unit with continuous sweep measurement mode that evaluates hundreds of readings during shaft rotation. Laser alignment is more accurate than the dial indicator measuring device cutting less than half of the alignment time resulting in reduced downtime and cost.

Authorized warranty repair service